Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free books!

Since so far this blog has been only book reviews, that's kind of boring. I figure I ought to post some non-review posts here and there, no?

Well... time for free book opportunities!

HarperCollins has a first look program where you can ask for books they have on offer each month.
And hey, so does their teen division, HarperTeen!

Next up, LibraryThing, my favorite literary place on the internet. They have an Early Reviewers program, where publishers give LT a bunch of books each month, and they, in turn, give them to readers in exchange for a review posted (preferably before the release of the book). This month's batch is open for requests through today, but a new list goes up around the 5th of each month, and sometimes there are bonus batches in the middle of each month.

Around the blog-o-sphere, we have several giveaways. Smart Bitches Trashy Books is giving away six books - comment on their latest post to enter the contest. By the by, their latest post is on ways to acquire reading material on the cheap. Libraries, giveaways, and free ebooks are just a few suggestions in the post and its comments.

Lucinda Betts is giving away a copy of each of her new books, She and Eros Island, to random commenters on her blog.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller is giving away a copy of her book Mrs. Lieutenant: A Sharon Gold Novel in a contest at She Is Too Fond of Books, which reviewed the book in this post.

Over at Maw Books Blog, there is a Stephanie Meyer giveaway: five copies of The Host, a set of all of Stephanie Meyer's books, and more. The post is here - go to!

Anyone else know of places to get free books? I'll add any more into the post as I find out about them!

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Anonymous said...

I'll add the giveaways you posted about to my Friday Freebies on June 27.

I recently reviewed Mrs. Lieutenant by Phyllis Zimbler Miller. She is giving away a copy of her novel on my blog, here:
(sorry, attempt at hyperlink kept bombing out!)